Why You Should Consider Grey Wood Floors

There are many choices available in wood flooring for a home, and all add an extra lustre to a room. Even within the choices in hardwood flooring, however, there are trends and sub-trends. Ultimately, though, hardwood flooring is a floor choice that never really goes out of style, due to the natural beauty and integrity of wood. Right now, though, we’re seeing a definite trend towards grey as a style choice in homes, and there are many reasons why grey wood floors are a great choice.

Calm and Peace

As any designer knows, color choices have a lot of impact in a home. Bold and bright colors can add a feeling of excitement and must be used carefully. Lighter colors, like grey, bring on a feeling of peace and unity that’s very attractive which is why grey flooring is a popular choice right now.

Great Versatility

The beauty of grey flooring makes it incredibly appealing, as well as versatile. Grey wood floors can be found in a range of greys from cooler, lighter tones, to a dark grey that has a shadowy, almost black look. All of these wood floor tones are beautiful, and they blend well with a variety of interiors. Grey wood floors look great with bright colors like blues or reds, but they also play beautifully against neutral tones, like furniture in all white or black and white. In fact, TheCreativityExchange’s had many shades of gray in their top 15 paint colours. This is a great feature of this type of wood flooring because it allows for redecorating without having to replace the floors.

A Driftwood Look

Another appealing quality of grey wood floors is the antique feel that comes with a lighter grey wood. These floors (in natural hardwood that is stained) resemble driftwood, and they become even more textured and beautiful with wear. A more complex design in light grey flooring is a look that combines different tones of grey within the wood pieces. The driftwood, rustic style of flooring is gorgeous when combined with elegant furnishings in white with details like a chandelier style light.

Wood Choices

There are many types of wood that can be used in grey flooring, though oak is used the most as it holds a grey stain well and it is affordably priced. Prefabricated wood, with a thin veneer of stained wood as a top layer, is also an affordable choice that holds up well.

No matter what type of wood is ultimately chosen, there’s no doubt that grey floors are an always gorgeous choice for a home, office or vacation home. The subtle beauty of grey makes it a style that is sure to stay in fashion for a very long time.

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