All The Facts About Anonymous Web Hosting Explained

Anonymous web hosting is gradually becoming popular by the day, where most of the players now looking to avoid revealing their web host’s IPs, domain ownership info, and many more sensible facts about their popular websites. That is where the anonymous managed hosting comes into being.

Here are some facts about anonymous web hosting you may not know about yet.

1. Anybody can see your hosting information

It’s pretty simple to get the hosting details of any domain if you get inquisitive enough and know where to go and search for the info. One great place to start is the Whols look-up. You simply need to type the domain name and everything will be available for you to see. From the host ownership of the domain, the date of the creation of the website, and much more relevant info about the hosting website.

Using anonymous web hosting, you will be able to ensure that even a Whols look-up doesn’t give out any information about you or your hostname. And you can use this to your advantage to hide any sensitive information from any competitors and hackers alike.

2. Types of anonymous hosts

Any reputable web hosting provider will never condone illegal activities and anonymity is maintained at all costs to encourage people like the famous bloggers who are looking to reach their audiences without having their identities revealed or even to safeguard the trade secrets of your organization from the rest of the world.

There are two types of anonymous web hosting providers. You have the ones who need to have your true identity before they finally make you anonymous and then the ones who respect your decision to go anonymous right from the word go.

You may want to go for the one which doesn’t bother to ask for any information regarding your identity if you want to stay truly anonymous. Most of these hosting providers are usually offshore hosting providers too. They provide you with an account by giving you a relationship number and that’s it. Your identity will never be revealed.

3. Who demands identification?

So, you will find some companies that demand your identification before finally making you anonymous are the likes of;

  • CCI Hosting
  • Exabytes
  • Intl Alliance


4. Who doesn’t demand anything

Then there are those web hosting accounts that don’t demand any personal information or anything to do with your identity from the word go and they include;

  • SwRacks
  • org
  • Ultimate Anonymity
  • com
  • Zentek International
  • Anonymous Speech
  • Egold Web
  • Karaboga
  • Katz Global
  • Zydus Networks


5. How to become a respectable anonymous website hosting provider?

The first and foremost issue you need to look into is how you are going to ensure the privacy of your customers. Sometimes, even the slightest error can be the difference between ensuring 100% anonymity and no anonymity at all which can be very disastrous for your business. Take nothing to chance. Ensure everything is locked up tight and no personal information about your customers leak out at all. In fact, NEVER!! If you want to be a good anonymous hosting provider, then ensure you maximize and stress on this more than any other thing.

6. The demand for an anonymous domain registration and hosting

There is a great demand to have anonymous and even private domain registrations and hosting today and the demand keeps growing and getting higher by the day. Even the internet users are now looking for anonymous browsing all while trying to avoid the phishing sites from trying to record their keystrokes or steal any of their personally identifiable information.

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