4 Guiding Tips when looking for a Cloud Hosting Service

In the current business world, you will notice that many organizations that are considering any move to Infrastructure as a Service are obligated to check their needs with service providers that will guarantee them high-quality managed hosting service.

There are many elements involved in choosing the right service provider that will ensure that your employees can easily get access to fast, working applications, says Chris Harding, who is the director of Interoperability an Open Group that bring together users and suppliers of IT.

Some few tippers on what you need to pay more attention when looking for the best managed cloud hosting service for your business are explained below.

  1. Set service level expectations

Chris Harding also explains that as a business, you need to ensure you only work with partners that can deliver a service level agreement for any contracted service levels you wish to apply for. You can choose the best supplier to work with by taking into account factors like cost, ability to meet requirements, risks, terms of the contract, and exit strategy. When you have third party organizations managing your infrastructure services, you will be able to free up more internal resources that can venture into other aspects of the business to make it grow.

As a big company, however, you may prefer working with more robust private networks to connect your IaaS rather than to internet connections. This way, you are simply guaranteeing your service levels. But at the end of the day, you need to consider the matter of cost as dedicated lines are usually more expensive compared to shared lines.

  1. Consider geographic location

Organizations that have a geographical presence need to ensure a that it has a consistent service for all of its employees in every country. Most businesses prefer to have a global service provider that will ensure them a consistent technology stack as well as service warp in all of its regions of operation. When considering geographical location, you need to consider end-to-end latency, as the further away your facility is, the more the latency will begin to bite, as a result of the physical laws that are very difficult to get around. Using an IaaS will be less risky compared to establishing a new data center for every new venture. You will also realize that using IaaS services will require much less management overhead.Having the right IaaS partner will make all the difference for your business.

  1. Ask the right questions

You need to know the right questions to ask if you want to land yourself a good supplier. You need to do thorough research and know all the laws and regulations that govern each region. As a business, you will be looking for that IaaS partner that has the data centers and networks, and also management services. This way, you are sure that your IaaS partner can sort out all the billing and management side of the service it provides.

  1. A Case Study: Komatsu Australia

The chief IT officer at Komatsu Australia, Ian Harvison, explains that the move that the company made to partner with Telstra’s infrastructure, an IaaS service, has helped the company to manage and spend its IT time significantly and also increase its flexibility. Komatsu is now moving five physical servers, the mainframe, and 85 virtual servers to Telstra datacenter in Sydney, thanks to the IaaS service provider, Telstra. Telstra has also bolstered its disaster recovery capabilities as well.

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