Top 4 Uses for Mascot Costumes

Mascot costumes are available in an extensive range of styles, types, colors and materials. You can even order custom mascots that are perfectly designed to your specifications. For example, you could order a brown bear costume with a maroon shirt, a white dog with black pants or something else entirely. There are many uses for mascot costumes in various industries and niches. After learning more about how these costumes may be used, you may be eager to design your own custom costume and to begin benefitting from it in different ways.

1. Schools

The most obvious use of mascot costumes is in schools. Colleges and high schools with sports teams often have a mascot as part of the cheer team or squad. You can even find junior high, middle school and elementary schools with their own mascots in some cases. These can spread cheer and foster team spirit. These mascots may travel with the team, appear at pep rallies and more.

2. Companies

Some companies have also paid to have custom mascots designed for their unique needs. For example, a mascot could be seen on TV commercials or print ads. It may also be seen in local stores, at fairs or special events sponsored by the company and more. These mascots can bolster brand recognition and awareness, so they can be used as a type of marketing aid. You might be interested in learning more at the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website.

3. Organizations

Some non-profit organizations also use mascots for charitable events, fun runs and other events. These mascots may be used to bolster the brand, and the could also spread awareness about the organization or its cause in a fun, recognizable manner. You may even use these mascots in fundraisers, on TV commercials and in other beneficial areas. When the mascot is recognizable, you may not need signage or banners for these special events to proclaim your presence at the event or your sponsorship.

4. Theme Parks

Mascots and animal-type costumes are also commonly found at theme parks, amusement parks and other entertainment venues. These may be special cartoon characters, or they could be park-specific. Kids are often drawn to these costumes, but adults may find them charming as well. For example, a theme park may have a beaver as a mascot, and this beaver costume could circulate throughout the park to greet visitors. It could even appear in shows at the park.

There are numerous ways to use mascot costumes. Depending on the type of business that you run, you may benefit from having a custom mascot costume prepared, or you may even be able to use a ready-to-ship costume. Spend time learning more about the possibilities and thinking about all of the uses that your company may have for a mascot costume.

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