Three Ways Your Venue Influences Your Need for Party Rentals

Hosting corporate events, such as holiday office parties, as well as anniversary parties birthday events and more requires you to complete significant party planning efforts. When special events have a long guest list, it is common for the host to rent a large venue, such as an events hall. Many also will need to use party rentals to pull off a wonderful affair. However, the venue that you choose to rent will have a direct impact on your need for party rentals. These are three ways your venue influences your need for rental equipment and supplies.

Equipment Included With Your Venue Rental
Some venues simply provide you with access to an empty room for a few hours. If your event will take place outdoors, you may have access to an open grassy area and perhaps electrical outlets. Other venues may include a specific number of tables and chairs, access to a kitchen for your catering team to use, a stage, a dance floor and even some decorative items. When your venue provides you with some of the items needed to host your event, you will need to rent fewer items from your party supplies company.

The Size of the Venue
The size of your venue will also influence your need for party rentals. You need to have enough party equipment available for the comfort of your guests. Therefore, you may need a minimum number of tables and chairs in your space. However, some people will order extra tables and chairs to ensure that there is ample seating available. Before you order more than you need to or before you select the size and shape of your tables, consider the size of the venue. It is wise to create a floor plan to scale to show the layout of each individual table.

The Climate Factor
If your venue will take place outdoors, the climate will affect your need for party rentals. You can successfully host an indoor event almost any time of year when you have access to the right rental equipment. You can easily control the climate through tent rentals as well as through cooling or misting systems, space heaters, lighting and more. Consider the time of year when your event will take place, and allow the typical climate conditions for that time of year to guide your rental decisions. There are resources available at Hart Entertainment if you want more information.

Party rental equipment is necessary for most venues that take place in an off-site location, such as in a restaurant, an events room in a hotel, an outdoor area and more. Equipment can help you to set the stage for the event, promote the comfort of your guests and even control the climate. Before you reserve rental equipment for your venue, consider reviewing these venue-related factors.