The Top 6 Universities To Get An Education Degree In Canada

The Top 6 Universities To Get An Education Degree In Canada

There are different universities in Canada that offer different courses and despite the rankings; there are certain courses that you would rather take in universities that have been ranked higher than others because it is in those institutions that the best of the course is offered. Those who want to take an education degree are in luck because this article looks at the top 6 universities to get an education degree in Canada.

1. University of Western Ontario

This is a reputable institution in Canada that offers exceptional academic experiences. This institution does not aim to profit but rather to make their students realize their potential and shape them to be the best that they can possibly be. It offers quite a number of courses including education which seems to be ranked pretty high in standards compared to other universities in the country. You are encouraged to apply if you intend to pursue a degree in education. Applications can also be made by international students.

2. University of British Columbia

This is a top notch university that was established in the early 1900s. It is found in Vancouver in Canada. This institution has got various campuses in different locations and it has been known to produce students who have an in depth understanding of the knowledge that is found in their respective field. One such field is education. University of British Columbia offers the best there is to offer to students pursuing degrees in education.

3. McGill University

This is yet another university in Canada that offers quality education and is consequently one of the best universities that you can pursue a degree in education in. A degree in education from this university is officially recognized all over the world. For you to enroll however, you must have a good track record and sit an entry exam as well.

4. University of Waterloo

This is a reputable institution of higher learning that is located in the town of Waterloo in Canada. It is a non-profit organization that is recognized by the ministry of education and the degrees awarded are recognized officially worldwide.

5. University of Alberta

This institution has been around for 110 years and is one of the best tertiary institutions in Canada that you could choose to pursue a degree in education in. It has been ranked the 5th best university in Canada.

6. Simon Fraser University

This is a public university located in Burnaby. It was established in 1965 over the years, it has gained popularity due to the quality of education that it offers from certificates to diplomas to degrees and postgraduate degrees. It is one of the best institutions in Canada that you can graduate from.