The Top 6 Places Where Mining Safety Equipment Isn’t Used

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Mining is a very profitable business to work in, however, and this may not be needed to be said, is also a hazardous profession to choose. Even with the proper mining safety equipment and the best and latest in underground mining technology, there can still be incidents where people can become injured or worse.

This is a dangerous profession, and it is because of this there are many strict and stringent guidelines that the people of this particular field of work must follow. Here are six places where mining accidents are a significant concern because of lack of proper equipment and because of the just the profession itself.

The Top 6 Places Where Mining Safety Equipment Isn’t Used

# 1 – Australia 

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Hitting off the list is Australia. Australia by far follows many if not all the regulations that are necessary to protect their workers but still it is not uncommon for many people to still get injured or unfortunately for some people to even get killed as a result of this profession.

It must be noted that this is one of the countries that does provide the adequate amount of up to date equipment yet still there are many injuries that happen. Mining is not an easy profession and no matter how hi-tech the equipment maybe there is still bound to be many accidents that occur.

# 2 – Canada 

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Much like the previous entry Canada too follows all the regulation and guidelines that are required to work in the mining, but they also have a very high rate of injury. Despite using the best in mining technology, there are still unfortunate and unforeseeable accidents that occur.

(This is just the nature of the business.) 

# 3 – Central African Republic 

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Unfortunately for the workers in the Central African Republic not only do they not have the latest in mining technology but it is not that uncommon to see many working with almost no equipment whatsoever. It is even not uncommon to see small children being used. This is a harsh reality to accept, and the number of people being injured or killed is unknown due to little data coming out of this area.

# 4 – China 

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China has been steadily improving the country in many ways, and this is also true for their mining industry. Despite the improvements, however, there are still many places where the amount of adequate equipment is not used, and as a result, the number of people who are injured or killed is still quite noticeable.

# 5 – Ecuador 

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Ecuador has had many landslides that affect the mining industry and despite using the right tools and equipment still allows for many mining accidents to happen.

# 6 – India 

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India much like China is drastically improving; however, much of the population is still living in poverty, and as a result, specific industries are still significantly unfunded.

Mining Isn’t An Easy Job 

When it comes to mining, it must be noted that this is not an easy profession and although having the right equipment is NEEDED there are still bound to be many injuries that occur. This is just part of the business and something that many are continually trying to fix and improve upon.

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