How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Hiring a DUI Lawyer – Legal Fees and Agreements

Applying for the services of DUI lawyer does have financial implications. Legal counselors require  lawyer fees, but you must know that picking up the phone and calling a lawyer will not cost you money: most DUI lawyers offer a free lawyer consultation the first time you contact them.

The Initial Phase – Free Legal Consultation

The first and most important thing you need if you are faced with a DUI charge is to see and evaluate your situation with a clear head – and this is exactly what the first meeting with a lawyer can do.

Here is what will happen:

–        You will meet you lawyer who will ask you straight-to-the-point questions to reconstruct the events. The sooner you apply for legal help, the better, because memories have a habit of fading with time, so you will be able to provide the most detailed account of what happened right after or very soon after the event itself.

–        Your lawyer will evaluate your case based on his or her professional experience. The evaluation will take into account the complexity and the severity of your case.

–        Your lawyer will propose possible solutions and will indicate the possible duration of the entire process – again, based on professional experience.

Discussing Lawyer Fees

While most DUI counselors offer free initial consults, they do a charge a fee for their further services. These fees vary depending on the reputation and experience of the lawyer.

Many lawyers will charge you by the hour, but the most experienced DUI attorneys are able to assess how long the process will take and they will calculate a fixed fee for your case.

The Payment of Lawyer Fees

Being charged with a DUI offense is an unexpected event in most people’ life, and paying for the lawyer’s fees might represent an unexpected financial burden.

However, most reputable DUI lawyers are prepared to help their clients when it comes to finances as well: they can arrange for a detailed payment plan for you, allowing you to pay the fees in installments or in the way that is the most convenient for you.

Many lawyers accept not only cash, but payment by Interac and major credit cards as well.

Get the Terms in Writing

Putting everything down on paper is very important. You will need to sign an agreement with your lawyer about all the terms of service provided, including the financial aspects. The agreements will address every aspect of the collaboration, from preparing your case file and handling your case during an eventual plea bargain, to preparing and assisting you in your court appearances. You will also get a retainer letter from your lawyer, which is a document in which you confirm your agreement with the legal fees in writing.

The best thing you can do if faced with a DUI charge is to contact a lawyer. If you are concerned about money, good lawyers will help you get over this difficult period in your life and propose a financial agreement you can agree to, but you must take one step at a time. Get yourself the best possible representation first and worry about lawyer fees later.