Get Inspired by These 10 Best Commercial Insurance Quotes

TV advertisements have nowadays become optional for most people compared to how it used to be some ten years ago when you would be forced to sit through all the commercials. The 21st century advertisements that market commercial insurance covers and any insurance broker, have used some of the most advanced marketing trends and technology in marketing.  The DVR systems have made life so much easier for us now. However, there is this new trend arising where quality and humorous content is being aired in commercials when the industry had already become so boring. Yes! The insurance commercials are on the rise, and some of them will keep you thinking of whether to buy these insurance plans. Here are the top ten of such commercials

  1. Allstate Raccoon Mayhem

You might notice the actor Dean Winters from Oz, the famous HBO series. He is probably the first person in your eyes will fall on in the Allstate’s Mayhem commercial. He’s played a hot jogger, an emotional teenager, and a malfunctioning GPS. What captures the audience is, however, Dean’s performance where he is a raccoon in your attic.

  1. Kevin Federline for Nationwide

Kevin Federline separated from Britney Spears in 2009. The ad only a few months later people could see Kevin acting as a hip-hop VIP at a Super Bowl commercial. The advertisement, then cuts to Kevin working in a fast food restaurant while being scolded by his manager. People just loved this advertisement.

  1. SafeAuto “kicked.”

Most people may say that crotch kid usually gets the biggest laughs. In this advert, SafeAuto performed to show what it was like to not be insured and the outcome was not pretty. You will want to have that insurance after this ad.

  1. Geico “was Abe Lincoln honest?”

Geico acts an ad where a question guy asks some ridiculous and rhetorical questions where all the answers are yes. Then he asks this one question, “Was Abe Lincoln honest?” And then you see the president being asked by his wife if her dress makes her backside bigger and he can’t lie.

  1. Allstate and Kasey Kahne

Kasey Kahne is in a commercial where some ladies start thinking about what they can do with Kasey. And the ad shows the ladies imagining helping Kasey fix a car. But the driver ends up causing an accident because he didn’t have her head in the game.

  1. First for women insurance

An Australian company focuses more on the feminine sex where, it seems, in the ad, that men’s insurance rates are usually higher since they prefer teasing themselves while on the road.

  1. Farmers’ Insurance Group Cat Burglar

Farmers’ Insurance came up with an ad where they came up with some strange but applicable situations that would make you want to have an insurance cover fast.

  1. Geico and The Flintstones

In this ad, you may wonder where Wilma got that huge necklace, and the obvious answer would be Fred and not from the fact that Fred switched his foot-driven Flintmobile right into Geico.

  1. State Farm and “Magic Jingle Hot Tub”

As soon as you begin singing the jingle in State Farm’s ad, you will want to have your business covered. You see, in the ad how State Farm can provide you with a hot neighbor, a hot tub, and sandwiches. Yes, you can imagine what it means. State Farm offers insurance coverage, right?

  1. Nationwide’s world’s Greatest Spokesperson

Insurance spokespeople can sometimes get on your nerves, but the World’s Greatest Spokesperson can toe the line sometimes and has made the jingle a nationally recognizable campaign.