Five Times when You Need a Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Every business should have a commercial litigation lawyer on its team. No matter what kind of business you are in, there are times when you will need someone in your corner that knows how to protect your firm. The following are five times when you will need coverage from a lawyer in the commercial litigation field:

Breach of Contract
1. Contract Breach Situations

One of the most common reasons for commercial litigation is contract breaches. Contract breaches occur when people decide to go outside what the two of you signed for legally. A contract breach could come from an employee quitting before his or her time is up. An employee could also claim that your company did not provide the benefits or the monetary relief that you promised. Find out what constitutes a breach of contract.

2. Employee Mistreatment Accusations

An employee may charge your company with unlawful termination or some other unlawful act if you are not careful. Therefore, you need to have someone on staff who can prove that such an employee is retaliating for his or her termination.

Debt Collection
3. Debt Collection 

Debt recovery litigation can go two ways. You could be the debtor or the business that needs to have a corporate debt collection agency retrieve the money that someone owes to you. This person can make sure that your company is protected either way.

Fair trade
4. Acquisition

Whether you are selling our business or buying a business, you deserve to feel secure in the decision that you made. A lawyer can make sure that the deal is fair and everyone gets a positive experience from the sale.

Hand Injury
5. Personal Injury Suits

Your business will need a commercial litigation specialist in its corner if a customer ever slips and falls inside of your establishment or an employee gets hurt while he or she is on the job. Both of those instances are subject to personal injury suits occurring. Employees who feel as though the company is at fault for their injury may file such a suit. You’re going to need someone to fight for your business in that case.

Other situations where a personal injury suit may fall on you is if you sell a product that later injures someone. The person may hold your company responsible for his or her suffering. Personal injury suits can end up with you owing something in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This amount can be chopped if the specialist can find enough fault with the plaintiff or not enough neglect on your part. Click here to understand how damages are assessed in a personal injury case.

Now that you know at least five reasons to get a legal specialist on your team, you’d be wise to start looking for one ASAP. Take your time and find one that a ton of experience and a burning desire to protect and serve such as +120 Days.

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