6 Tips When Hiring HVAC Services

Hiring HVAC services can be intimidating, especially if you have never done so before. The last thing you want is high costs that you cannot afford due to an inefficient HVAC system or to be left with shoddy work that you have to replace and spend more money on. Here are some tips for how to hire quality HVAC services within your budget.

1) Research
Always research companies in your area before deciding on which one. The cheapest or top rated company might not be the best fit for you. Look for reviews online to see how former customers judge them to find which one is best for what particular service you need.

2) Call References
When you first contact a possible company to go with, ask for references. Steer clear of any companies that refuse to give you references. Call the references and check them out when you do have them. Ask about the company’s performance and if they finished on time and within budget. Keep in mind that references given to you by the company will most likely be positive and should not be the only factor in deciding if that company is the right fit for you.

3) Look for companies with that carry EnergyStar products
EnergyStar products are products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They follow strict guidelines set by the EPA and can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. Always make sure you are using EnergyStar products.

4) Get a home evaluation
A good HVAC company will inspect your current system and give you recommendations based on your needs. A good contractor will size the heating and ventilation system to your home and check windows and insulation. They will also inspect air ducts when applicable for leaks and measure airflow to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

5) Get written, itemized estimates
Look at the different proposals from all the contractors you reached out to and compare costs, services, energy efficiency, and everything else to get the best bid that will work for you. You want to go with someone who has a strong warranty and will install an energy efficient system.

6) Write up a contract
Sign a contract with a contractor that specifies the work done, the products used, the warranty, and the budget and time for it all. The contract is legally binding and you will have what the agreement is in writing in case something goes wrong.

Hiring HVAC services is really not that difficult when you know what you are doing. Make sure you shop around and do your research on all prospective contractors. Get a home evaluation and written estimates for the services you need done. When you have decided on a company to hire, make sure you have a written contract that will legally bind the agreement between you two. With these steps you will be able to get quality work done on your HVAC system in a way that fits your needs and you will be protected in case something goes wrong.