6 Steps To Your Tummy Tuck Operation

If you have just decided to get a tummy tuck Toronto operation and are curious about the steps and the process that will be involved in this operation – then this is the article for you. We have taken the liberty to outline the six steps that are included in the tummy tuck operation to not only to better place your mind at ease.

This operation is not as strenuous or as severe as some other operation – but, there are still several things you should know about this surgery and what you should do and what will happen. The more you know, the better and the easier it will be to have a successful operation.

6 Steps To Your Tummy Tuck Operation

# 1 –  Are You A Good Candidate

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The first thing that will happen and what is important to know is if you are a good candidate for this operation. Unfortunately, if your BMI is too high, you will not be able to have this operation. Most likely you will be recommended to undergo liposuction if you want to lose weight via an operation.

# 2 – Anesthesia

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If you are good and healthy enough you will be able to have this operation. This operation is an invasive surgery meaning you will have to go under the knife. During this operation, you will be given anesthesia.

# 3 – The Incision Will Be Made

After you have been given anesthesia, the surgeon will start the incision according to a pre-op plan. This is salient to know that there may be a slight change in the incision. Most incisions happen right above the bikini line.

# 4 – Trimming and Repositioning

After the incision is made the excess skin will now be trimmed and repositioned to look at a more flattened abdominal look.

# 5 – Suturing and Repair

There has been a significant amount of research which has been done that has revealed that the most critical factor in a speedy and safe recovery is all dependent upon proper suturing. Proper suturing will help to strengthen the skin around the abdominal area.

# 6 – Closing and Recovery

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The last step involved includes closing up the cut. After the operation is finished, the person will have to rest and relax for up to 6 weeks. The first three days after the surgery will require that a person has some form of help.

It is recommended that a person hires a house nurse or have a close family member by to help assist you. A person that has just had the operation should not walk, take a shower or bath or do anything physically demanding.

Rest is incredibly important, and the only way to recover fast and efficiently is by resting. The scar will take some time to fade away – so you can expect to have that scar for a few good months. There are oils and creams that one can do to help the scar fade away faster as well as diets that can help to speed up the recovery time as well.