6 Reasons Why Using Steel Is Good For The Environment

Being an eco-friendly choice, steel has gained major popularity because of its high recyclability. While other construction materials like concrete can harm the environment, steel stays eco-friendly and durable, thus making it the right choice bearing the larger picture in mind.

Here are the top 7 reasons why by choosing steel as the material to build your house, you are doing your small part to the environment.

1. Fully Recyclable

Steel is one of the most recycled materials all over the world and it has the capability to be 100% recycled. In addition to this, unlike other recycled material, steel does not lose its quality every time it is recycled and maintains its durability and other properties completely. This makes it an ideal choice because if it is found to lose its quality over recycling, then using it build something essential and long-lasting like a building does not seem right.

2. Extremely Durable

Steel is known to be long-lasting and durable. But how exactly does that help in saving the environment?

Steel buildings require less maintenance and do not rust or get damaged over time. This means they do not require constant repair work or maintenance activities which can have an impact on the environment. Also, since they are extremely durable, the need to remodel or completely renovate steel structures frequently is eliminated.

3. Reduced Waste Due To Prefabrication

If you use wood or other materials to construct your buildings, the blocks of wood are brought to the construction site and are cut into the desired specifications there. This definitely leads to wastage of wood because the excess pieces are thrown away.

Since steel is prefabricated in factories and then delivered to the construction site, it becomes an environmentally friendly option. Every piece of steel manufactured has a specific purpose to serve and it is used up completely in the construction site, without wastage.

4. Energy Saving

Steel structures have cool coatings on their exterior which make them extremely energy efficient. These coal coatings increase the reflective ability of building thus reducing the need for air conditioning at all times. Additionally, in traditional buildings, heat received from the sun constantly tends to get stored in the roof and this heat is released into the atmosphere at night. This leads to global warming. Using steel, this effect can be eliminated as steel immediately reflects the heat back into the atmosphere during daytime. Also, eco-friendly steel buildings support solar panels, thus conserving energy and also helping you reduce your electricity bills.

5. Fewer Emissions During Production

Steel manufacturers have been constantly striving to find a solution to manufacture steel that does not harm the environment. They have succeeded because steel manufacture today does not emit carbon dioxide at all. This, in itself, is a huge contribution to the environment since carbon dioxide emission increases pollution to a huge extent. Additionally, the water used for steel manufacturing is also recycled completely, thus conserving resources.

6. Green Certified Buildings

Steel buildings are green-certified because they meet the requirements and standards of green-certifying agencies. Knowing that your home or office is contributing positively to the environment can give you the satisfaction that you’re doing something right as well.

Steel is affordable, fast and extremely energy-saving and eco-friendly. Using eco-friendly steel buildings can help reduce impacts on the environment and make the world a better place for future generations.