6 Facts About Farms and industrial water purification systems

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The farm industry is without a doubt one of the most profitable industries. That probably goes without saying. That aside industrial water purification systems are some of the most draining sectors in this industry. Aside from water purification systems, which are needed for the crops, animals, farmland, and the workers, many other factors contribute to the very financially demanding industry.

And in this article, we will go over 6 Facts About Farms and Industrial Water Purification Systems and how costly it is at the end of the day for many of these farms and farmers to run a business. If you thought morning rain was enough to keep the crops growing – you have been horribly mistaken.

6 Facts About Farms and Industrial Water Purification Systems

# 1 – A Majority Of Freshwater Is Used In Agriculture

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This may be a shocker to many people – and it was for us as well – bust a majority of the freshwater that we have on this planet goes to agriculture. And this makes sense as the amount of food we produce would need that amount of water to be grown.

But the real shocker is that 80% of the freshwater we receive form rivers, and lakes are used in agriculture. This only increases, ironically, the scarcity of water that is already prevalent in the world. Sad enough, there are a ton of foods that are thrown away each year.

# 2 – Livestock Have Some Of The Largest Waterprints

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Now as we just mentioned – the farm industry consumes a lot of the waters (freshwater we have) on this planet, and a great deal of that water goes to the livestock on the farms.

# 3 – Poultry and Water

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Chicken, shockingly enough, are some of the largest consumers, in regards to the percentage of water that is being consumed by them. Chickens, for the most part, are locked up in cages or in a large facility where they are all crowded. The amount of heat that they experience is enough to drain the water from their body. To combat this scenario, farmers make sure the chickens are hydrated.

# 4 – Scarcity of Water

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Due to so much water that is used in agriculture and the farming industry there is a scarcity of freshwater. And this is because a great deal of water is wasted on animals.

Not that they don’t deserve the water (but giving the environment and the insane levels of animals that are being slaughtered – which also never is consumed – is a considerable wastage of water.

# 5 – Cattle and Water

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Cows use a great deal of water, and this is because of their size and numbers. The slaughterhouses for most cows are in the hundreds of thousands if not more. The need to hydrate all those cattle is one of the most significant wastages of water.

And we have said that giving water to animals – at the scale of numbers – is a wastage because the number of animals that we are killing could easily go down if people became vegetarian diet or vegan diet.

The number of animals that are killed for food is one of the biggest reasons for water scarcity.

# 6 – Innovation In The Water Use

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Lucky because of the water scarcity that is becoming more prevalent many farmers are trying to find innovative solutions to this problem.