5 Signs You Need Help With The Predictive Index

You have applied for jobs severally and you may have gotten a response from them asking you to come over for an interview at a given date. In the recent past however, applicants have been subjected to taking predictive index tests to help the employer understand the applicants personality and whether they are suitable for the role. Here are 5 signs you need help with the predictive index.

  1. 1. A low score

It comes as the first and the most obvious point that a low score definitely shows that you need some help with the predictive index. Understand that the whole point of this test is to help the employers to understand you. There are no wrong or right answers but if you find yourself having a low score, it is probably because you did not understand the requirements of the role for which you applied.

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2. You give out extreme answers

Any expert will tell you that giving extreme answers or being too correct can actually hinder you from getting the post you applied for. May be this is what you have been doing all along and that is why even with your qualifications, you have been unable to secure a job. If this is the case then you definitely need some help. Take some time to see how you can balance your answers by doing some free tests online.

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3. You think you can cheat

A predictive index test is one test you can not cheat at. You can never fake your personality and that is why as hard as you may try, the test will be able to tell the employer that you are not being truthful with your answers. If you ever find yourself thinking of cheating in such a test then you definitely need to look for some help. It is very simple. There are experts who will take you through the process. There are online classes as well as free tests that you can use to help you develop your skill in answering these questions.

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4. You contradict yourself

If you take a sample of a predictive index test and go through the questions, you will find that some of the questions there are one and the same but each question has been written differently to measure the level of consistency and truthfulness in your answers. If you find that you contradict yourself, engage in more practice to sharpen your skills.

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5. You can’t seem to get a job

Different organizations have different roles and each of these roles can be properly played by an individual with a given type of personality. You might need some help in understanding a few of these roles as well as their matching personalities if you have had difficulty passing the personality test to get a job.

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