5 Financial Indicators That You Should File for Bankruptcy

As a business owner, you will want to have nothing other than success for your business. And not even once will you ever imagine that you would have to file for bankruptcy one day. No entrepreneur would wish for this in his or her business. Bankruptcy Brampton has the same consequences as any other bankruptcy scenario you might encounter.

There are, however, a lot of obstacles that may work against you on your road to becoming that successful businessman you wish to be. Some of these factors are; when your business faces threats from competition, miscalculated business strategies, and even changes in the marketplace. These are but some of the factors that can force you to file for bankruptcy when your business and all your hard work goes down the drain.

Below are some situations you can go through to check whether your business fits the criteria to file for bankruptcy.

1. Long-term cash flow crisis

Usually, this is the first sign that you can notice and realize that your business is running bankrupt. You may be having the worst month, or quarter, or even year with your business. But you still see some glimpse of the future for your business; then this is the best time you need to work on how you’re going to get your business’s cash flow back to where you need it. You can do this by cutting back on some of your expenses or even your salary for some time. However, if you look into your business and cannot see any possible way you can revive your company, then filing for bankruptcy will be the only way to go about it.

2. Risk of losing your personal assets

The main reason why you will want to file for bankruptcy is to protect your personal assets which may be at risk of being overtaken by your creditors. There will be no need for you to want to file for bankruptcy if none of your personal assets are at risk. Here are three reasons you may need to file for bankruptcy to protect your personal assets:

  • The structure of your business makes you potentially liable
  • Mixing your business with personal finances
  • Signing a personal guarantee


3. You have researched other options

There are instances where you may have other options that you can exploit to avoid a business bankruptcy. Most of the time, you will find that these other alternatives help people avoid a lot of legal costs and any ramifications that come forth for a true bankruptcy filing.

Here are some alternatives that you can look into before you file for bankruptcy:

  • Negotiating with your creditors.
  • Debt refinancing and consolidation
  • Assignments that will benefit the creditors


4. The correct bankruptcy file for your business

There are times when even the other options may not seem to cut it for you. And you know that the end is inevitable. From here, you need to start doing your research and identify the type of bankruptcy filing you need to file for considering your business situation. You may want to seek legal counsel for this part just to avoid making any avoidable mistakes.

5. You’re already working on another plan to focus on

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the end of the road for you. You need to look ahead and search for any other thing you can do to keep you busy and earn from instead of just sitting back and relaxing. Learn from your mistakes and plan to avoid them in your next business endeavors.