3 ways to apply stretch film economically and properly

Stretch film is now accepted worldwide as a universal way to wrap packages for safekeeping during transit but did you know that failure to apply stretch find properly may result in serious damage. When applied properly stretch film is able to keep your items together and prevent unnecessary falling off and also help protect your items from external conditions such as dust, extreme light among others.

To achieve this level of safety, the stretch film should be applied expertly so as to prevent unwanted damages on your items, it is also important to make sure that the type of film used is of high quality to guarantee safety. When applying stretch film, Malpack Stretch Film recommends that you should have the following at your fingertips.

  1. Know the type of film you are using


Not all stretch films have the same specifications meaning that they will have different varying strengths and characteristics when used, such aspects such as thickness and the stretch potential will determine how you will use your stretch film. Once you know these important properties you will be able to make a decision on how to utilize the stretch film and also whether you will need to use machinery or go the manual way.

  1. Invest in a quality product

In order for you to save on the amount of film needed for packaging, you will need to use the best quality of the stretch film. With film, quality is critical because if you have a quality product you will use a smaller quantity to package and get good results. What most people do not know is that it is not a guarantee that the most expensive film is of high quality.

Therefore, when purchasing film, it is crucial to focus on getting quality rather than making uninformed assumptions.  Once you have quality, all you need is just to apply the right amount of film to your packaging and are assured of a strong protection of your items to its destination.

  1. The packaging process

During the process of packaging, it is important to ascertain that the thickness and the tightness of the package are right, by this it means that if the two aspects are accurate your item will be safe as well as you will be saving on the amount of film. It is not true to speculate that if you use a thicker roll of film the item will be much safer. The trick in using stretch film is to apply the right amount of pressure on the package to assure of correct tightness. Once the load has been held tightly, there will be no need of using many rolls of film, just the right amount is sufficient to hold, too much of it is just a waste of the product.

In conclusion

Having demystified the myths that surround the use of stretch film to ensure maximum safety and economical use, I believe you are now informed on how to make use of film economically for packaging your products to guarantee their safety while in transit.

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